Conference Presentations

Verbal Presentations

Presenter(s) Presentation
S. Jason Augustine Overview of the salivary antibody multiplex immunoassay development, validation and application
A. Denene Blackwood Training the Next Generation of Water Quality Professionals: Lessons Learned from Workshops on Rapid, qPCR-based Methods
Carlos Campos Fate of human noroviruses in a shellfish water on the south coast of England
Miles E. Daniels Cryptosporidium and Giardia shedding among humans and animals in coastal Orissa, India
Miles E. Daniels Protozoa contamination of community water sources in rural India: associations with source characteristics and sanitary conditions
Richard J. Haugland Estimation of Enterococcus qPCR target sequence recoveries from EPA NEEAR study calibrator samples
Stephanie DeFlorio-Barker Evaluating the Severity of Illness Among Water Recreators
Karina Yew-Hoong Gin and Shin Giek Goh Occurrence of Enterococcus and Vibrios in Seawaters of Singapore
Isabelle Jalliffier-Verne Hydrodynamic modelling and dispersion of fecal contaminants in water in current and future climates
Eva L. Kramer Disentangling Meteorological, Terrestrial, and Nearshore Aquatic Drivers of Beach Water Quality by Combining Statistical and Physically-based Models
Kellen Lauer Quantitative analysis of fecal contamination in stormwater conveyance systems in Wrightsville Beach, NC
Susan Libes Building local capacity for microbial source tracking in the Myrtle Beach Urbanized Area
Cynthia Lin A prospective study of marine phytoplankton and symptoms of illness among recreational beachgoers in Puerto Rico, 2009
H. D. Alan Lindquist and John Hall Online Water Quality Monitoring: Triggered Alarms and Actions
Tracy Perkins The role of estuarine sediments as a reservoir for pathogenic microorganisms
Chenxi Sun & Katrina Yew-Hoong Gin Effects of Natural Organic Matter and Algae on the Survival of Coliphage

Poster Presentations

Presenter(s) Presentation
Ryan Blaustein Release and runoff partitioning of manure-borne indicator bacteria during simulated rainfall
Elizabeth Christenson Examining the influence of urban definition when assessing relative safety of drinking-water in Nigeria
Adewale Olalemi Environmental assessment of bioaccumulation of viral and bacterial indicators in mussels (Mytilus edulis)
Khaled W. Salam A Propidium Monoazide – Quantitative PCR Method for the Detection and Quantification of Viable Enterococcus Faecalis in Large-Volume Samples of Marine Waters
Robert Salter Coliphage, a fast and sensitive fecal indicator